EU Member States on Saturday Failed to Reach Consensus on the Next Seven-Year Budge

EU Member States Failed to Reach Consensus

A special summit grouping heads of state and government of the European Union (EU) member states on Saturday failed to reach consensus on the next seven-year budget and an ambitious recovery plan designed to lift the bloc out of the crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.The leaders will reconvene on Sunday noon, said a spokesman for the European Council President Charles Michel.
The extension by an extra day was proposed by Michel, who has hosted the challenging roundtable and held bilateral meetings with his counterparts from the member states in the first two days, trying to bridge their differences.

First Summit Since the Pandemic

The summit, the first face-to-face one since the outbreak of the pandemic, came at a critical moment as the 27-member bloc is seeking a consensus on a 750 billion-euro recovery plan embedded in an enhanced 2021-2027 EU budget of 1.074 trillion euros.

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